Journal of Property Valuation and Investment: Volume 13 Issue 4


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The application of citational and co‐citational analysis to the property discipline

Ian Mitchell

The property industry has undergone significant change since theearly 1980s. These changes include growing demands forprofessionalization and the recognition of the…

The use of simulation in property investment analysis

John MacFarlane

Simulation is a powerful analytical tool which facilitates aninvestigation of financial risk through the examination of repeatedoutcomes from the same model. It is not…

Reinvestment rate risk analysis: a comment

Edward Schuck

In a recent article, Dr Michael J. Crean (1993) asserts thatreinvestment rates of interest must be explicitly taken into accountwhen using internal rate of return (IRR) to…

The negative leasehold

David Mackmin

There have always been situations where tenants, for one reason oranother, have paid rents in excess of open market rental value. Theposition today, due to the downturn in…

Compensation or restitution?: An analysis of the Hungarian Land Compensation Acts 1991‐92

David Fleming

Examines the resolution of rights to former expropriated owners ofland and buildings in Hungary. Looks at social and economic implicationsof the choice between…



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