Journal of Property Finance: Volume 5 Issue 1


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Financial Reporting Standard 5

David Ryl

The Accounting Standards Board have now issued Financial StandardReporting 5 (FRS5) – Reporting the Substance of Transactions. Highlightstwo principal changes to the…


Taxation Allowances and Profiles: : Commercial Property Development in Dublin

A.S. Adair, J.N. Berry, W.S. McGreal

Examines fiscal measures as a means of stimulating commercialdevelopment in inner city areas. Shows that the coupling together ofplanning and regeneration issues with…


The Effect of Inter‐company Lets on the Valuation of Property Assets under the Red Book

Nick French, Neil Crosby

In the last few years a number of large operational companies in theUnited Kingdom have chosen to segregate the management of their propertyholdings from the day‐to‐day…


Aspects of Senior Debt Used by and Available to Property Development Companies

Tom Naylor

Describes research undertaken to assist property companies trying toraise finance and their advisers. The information was obtained frompostal questionnaires sent to 530…


Real Estate Finance: France, Germany and the UK

Damien Maguire, Andrew Axcell

Identifies the main sources of equity and debt finance into the threelargest European property markets – France, Germany and the UK.Identifies major investment groups, and…


Financial Risk Sharing in New Zealand′s Residential Mortgage Market

Edward J. Schuck

Suggests that a form of modified variable rate mortgage (VRM) should bethe type of mortgage that is most attractive to the majority ofowner‐occupiers in New Zealand. VRMs…


Property Lending Survey 1994

Mike Riley, David Isaac

Describes a survey carried out by Chesterton Financial in conjunctionwith the University of Greenwich in December 1993/January 1994, in which85 banks and financial…


Computing Markowitz Efficient Frontiers Using a Spreadsheet Optimizer

Peter Byrne, Stephen Lee

Markowitz showed that assets can be combined to produce an“efficient” portfolio that will give the highest level of portfolio returnfor any level of portfolio risk, as…




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