Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 9 Issue 5


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Supply network management in the Brazilian automotive industry

Henrique Luiz Corrêa, Nuvia Gisela Martes de Miranda

The paper presents some results and conclusions of a two‐year research project encompassing ten interacting companies belonging to the Brazilian automotive supply network…

Role of organizational commitment in advanced manufacturing technology and performance relationship

Atul Gupta, Joe Prinzinger, Dan C. Messerschmidt

This study, utilizing an advanced manufacturing technology (AMT) intensity index, first, examines the variations in a company’s performance as a function of the…

The Volvo Uddevalla plant and interpretations of industrial design processes

Tomas Engström, Dan Jonsson, Lars Medbo

Argues that the design of the Volvo Uddevalla plant may be described as a process with an “internal logic” in which design options were eliminated through irreversible…

An overview of path design and dispatching methods for automated guided vehicles

Eileen Bordelon Hoff, Bhaba R. Sarker

Automated guide vehicles (AGVs) are driverless vehicles that perform material handling operations in both flexible and conventional facilities. We provide here a review of…

Design and simulation of an industrial automated overhead warehouse

R.M. Marín, J. Garrido, J.L. Trillo, J. Sáez, J. Armesto

This paper is a description of an automated overhead warehouse system, developed to store car seat covers and then to feed them to the Renault car assembly plant at…

Justification of just‐in‐time manufacturing systems for Indian industries

S. Chandra, Rambabu Kodali

Just‐in‐time (JIT) manufacturing systems have attracted the attention of industries all over the world. The perceptible impact of JIT lies in attaining the far‐reaching…



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