Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 9 Issue 2


Table of contents

The reality of concurrent new product development

Harvey Maylor, Ray Gosling

Many organisations have undergone change to make processes run concurrently in the design and redesign of new products, seeking improvement of their competitive position…

A modular approach toward flexible manufacturing

Rajeev Kaula

A conceptual framework for structuring a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) environment called an open automation architecture (OAA) is proposed. The framework is based…

An effective maintenance system using the analytic hierarchy process

Ashraf W. Labib, Richard F. O’Connor, Glyn B. Williams

Attempts to develop a model of maintenance decision making using the analytic hierarchy (AHP). Describes problems in maintenance arising from not having clear criteria and…

Parametric modelling of drinking bottles

C.K. Chua, S.L. Lye

This paper describes the use of parametric modelling techniques in the design of drinking bottles. A customised application programme is developed and integrated for the…

Supplier partnerships for effective advanced manufacturing technology implementation: a proposed model

Mohamed Zairi

Discusses a proposed model which presents various possible modes of behaviour during the implementation of advanced manufacturing technology (AMT) and highlighting…

A hybrid method for recognizing feature interactions

C. Zhang, K.W. Chan, Y.H. Chen

Handling feature interaction is an unsolved issue in feature recognition approach. This paper presents a method for recognizing the presence of feature interactions…



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1990 – 2003

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