Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 5 Issue 4/5


Operations and Logistics Management

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An Exploration of Concepts in System Integration

Olugbenga O. Mejabi

As manufacturing gets ever more competitive, integration will come to beseen as a means whereby performance can be improved while flexibilityis, at the same time, also…

Designing New Products: : Compatibility with Existing Production Facilities and Anticipated Product Mix

G. Don Taylor, John R. English, Robert J. Graves

In many industries, the success or failure of a new product is largelydetermined in the design phase of the project. Consequently,manufacturers should strive to develop…

CAD/CAM Systems Integration: : An Integrated Surface and Volume Feature Modelling Scheme

Chin‐Sheng Chen, Jintong Wu

Addresses the need for a unified product information model and presentsa new representation scheme for mechanical component modelling usingshells as its principal…

Simultaneous Generation of Assembly Plans and Schedules in Electronics Assembly Operations

Behrokh Khoshnevis, Geza Bottlik, Ali Reza Azmandian

Assembly planning and scheduling are two major functions in circuitboard manufacturing. Currently, assembly plans are developed in theabsence of information about the…

Automated Process Planning System for Turned Parts

John S. Rogers, Phillip A. Farrington, Bernard J. Schroer, Randall G. Hubbard

Presents a description of an automated manufacturing process planning(AMPP) system developed by the US Army Missile Command (MICOM) atRedstone Arsenal, Alabama, that…

Database Requirements for CIM Applications

Gerti Kappel, Stefan Vieweg

Changes in market and production profiles require a more flexibleconcept in manufacturing. Computer integrated manufacturing (CIM)describes an integrative concept for…

A Development System for Intelligent Agent Manufacturing Software

A.D. Kwok, Douglas H. Norrie

The intelligent agent object (IAO) system is a multi‐paradigmdevelopment environment which can be used to create intelligent agentsystems for manufacturing or other…

Integrated Architecture for Assembly Planning in an Electronics Manufacturing Environment

Aldo Dagnino

Presents an integrated approach to assembly planning for manufacturingprinted circuit boards (PCBs). The integrated manufacturing assemblyplanning system (IMAPS) is a…

Strategic Implications of Manufacturing Cell Formation Design

Jiaqin Yang, Richard H. Deane

Cell formation design in cellular manufacturing systems (CMS) has beenthe focus of recent manufacturing research literature. A great amount ofresearch has been published…



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