Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Volume 4 Issue 3


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

A Cost‐based Classification System: Non‐standard Route Manufacturing

Lizhang Zhuang, George Burns

The recent social and economic changes have resulted in apolarization of product standardization. While some products areconstantly demanded to be of internationally…

Value Analysis: Integrating Product‐Process Design

Kulwant Pawar, Paul Forrester, John Glazzard

Concerned with the application of a product cost reductiontechnique known as Value Analysis (VA). Demonstrates that wellestablished companies like Chubb are realizing the…

Multi‐stage Clustering: Parts and Machines Grouping

P. Gu

The grouping of parts and machines for design of cellularmanufacturing systems is carried out by clustering analysis. Two majordrawbacks of some clustering algorithms have…

Improving Machine Productivity

R. Parkin, F. Cutri

The planing and moulding sector of the timber industry is a complexmachining environment. The production process is hampered by short toollife, frequent job changes and…



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