Environmental Management and Health: Volume 7 Issue 4


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Persistent organochlorine compounds in water and soil environments

Vlasta Drevenkar, Sanja Fingler, Zlatko Fröbe, Zelimira Vasilic

Reviews compound physico‐chemical properties and water and soil properties influencing the transport and distribution of organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated…

Exposure to organochlorine compounds of population groups in Croatia

Blanka Krauthacker, Elsa Reiner

Summarizes and discusses published data on the exposure to organochlorine pesticides (DDT, HCH isomers, HCB), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), polychlorinated…

Assessment of environmental exposure to trichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene

Ljiljana Skender, Visnja Karacic

Reveals the possible influence of trichloroethylene (TRI) and tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene, PER) via drinking water on the body burden resulting from a study of…

Distributions of long‐term household exposure to ammonia

Kresimir Sega

Details how distributions of exposure to ammonia in living rooms were calculated by use of Duan’s Cartesianization method for four population groups of Zagreb inhabitants…

Relationship between summer and winter formaldehyde levels in kindergartens and primary schools

Natasa Kalinic, Kresimir Sega

Presents the results of formaldehyde (HCHO) concentration measurements undertaken in ten kindergartens and ten primary schools (one room in each) during the summer and the…

Assessment of total human exposure to lead and cadmium

Maja Blanusa

Presents the principles of analytical methods, environmental monitoring, biological monitoring and direct human exposure assessment of lead and cadmium. Illustrates each…

Experimental studies on reproductive and perinatal effects of lead and cadmium

Martina Piasek, Krista Kostial

Lead is a known reproductive toxicant in humans and animals. Data on cadmium reproductive effects in humans are inconclusive, and in female animals are lacking. More…

137Cs and 90Sr in the human food chain in the Republic of Croatia

Nevenka Lokobauer, Zdenko Franic, Alica Bauman

The transfer of radionuclides from fallout to individual foods has been studied continuously in several areas in the Republic of Croatia, since 1959. Investigations focus…



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