Environmental Management and Health: Volume 13 Issue 3


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Significant impacts and environmental risks generated by coal extraction in Romania

Monica Radulescu, Grigore Buia

The paper presents a sequential approach regarding the environmental management in the coal basin of the Jiu Valley. Mining activity in the Jiu Valley has an important…

Investigation of environmental impacts of tailings dams

Safak Ozkan, Bedri Ipekoglu

Mining has been one of the key sectors for industrialisation of the world for centuries. As the mining activities enlarge, the amount of waste materials readily increases…

Prognostication of natural and technogeneous risks by the application of geophysical surveying

Stephan Dimovski, Radi Raditchev

Geophysical methods are widely applied for the prognostication of natural and technogeneous risks. Especially effective is their application in the sphere of engineering…

The scale and pattern influences on the hedgerow networks’ effect on landscape processes: First considerations about the need to plan for landscape amelioration purposes

Daniel Franco

In the last decade we realised several rural landscape amelioration plans (Italy) by means of diffuse reintroduction of agroforestry linear plantations. To this end a GIS…

New methods for human reliability analysis

Dennis Bley

A wide variety of methods for human reliability analysis have been developed. A major thrust has been to quantify the chance of human error within probabilistic risk…

Risk identification – basic stage in risk management

Lubka Tchankova

In this paper risk identification is investigated as a basic stage in risk management. The risk identification phase as the first stage in the risk management process is…

On safety risks during underground coalmine closure

Michael Michaylov

This paper discusses the dynamics of safety risks during the first period of coalmine closure and suggests an approach for general and detailed assessment of risks using…



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