Records Management Journal: Volume 20 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: RMJ 20th anniversary commemorative volume – issue three: future watch

What will be the next records management orthodoxy?

James Lappin

The electronic document and records management system model (EDRMS) served for most of the noughties (the decade from the year 2000) as an orthodoxy that united the


Digital recordkeeping: are we at a tipping point?

Kate Cumming, Cassie Findlay

The purpose of this paper is to assess examples of digital recordkeeping practice in the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) and determine whether the discipline is


Human‐computer interaction: the missing piece of the records management puzzle?

Steve Bailey, Jay Vidyarthi

The purpose of this paper is to question why records management is not currently able to fully meet the needs of its users and to explore the potential role of


Scholarly and professional journals in the digital environment

David Nicholas

The purpose of this paper is to provide evidence, comment and speculation as to the future role and shape of professional and scholarly journals.

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