International Journal of Wine Marketing: Volume 18 Issue 3


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Using the tasting room experience to create loyal customers

Linda I. Nowak, Sandra K. Newton

The purpose of this research is to determine if positive affect, in combination with product quality, fair pricing, and customer‐focused operations leads to higher levels of…


Non‐linearity in the hedonic pricing of South African red wines

D.A. Priilaid, P. van Rensburg

Proceeding from the van Rensburg and Priilaid (“An econometric model for identifying value in South African red wine”, International Journal of Wine Marketing, Vol. 16 No. 1…

The demise of independent wine production in France: a marketing challenge?

Warren Pike, T.C. Melewar

Independent French wine producers are faced with excessive costs and a declining image of quality compared with their New World competitors. A confusing offer and weak brand…


Wine retailing in Ireland: the diffusion of innovation

Agnes Murray, David Demick

The purpose of this paper is to investigate how new wines are introduced to and adopted by the consumer within the grocery retail sector in Ireland.


Motivational factors of gender, income and age on selecting a bottle of wine

Nelson Barber, Barbara A. Almanza, Janis R. Donovan

To explore the attributes of wine packaging that are enticing to consumers and the influence of age, gender and income on the wine‐buying decision.




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