International Journal of Wine Marketing: Volume 14 Issue 3


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Building Brand Equity: Consumer Reactions to Proactive Environmental Policies by the Winery

Linda I. Nowak, Judith H. Washburn

The purpose of this study was to ascertain the existence and strength of the relationship between proactive environmental policies and brand equity for the winery. Results of this…

French Nuclear Testings and Consumption of French Wine in Denmark

Jan Bentzen, Valdemar Smith

In the Spring of 1995 the French military announced a series of nuclear tests to take place at the Muroroa atoll later that year. Despite worldwide protests a nuclear test series…

Building Strong Brands Through the Management of Integrated Marketing Communications

Mike Reid

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is regarded as an important marketing management issue because of increasingly dynamic market conditions, and the impact that this…


Unlocking the Asian Wine Market: An Exploratory Case Study

Michael Beverland

Faced with the prospect of over supply, wine exporters are increasingly focused on establishing new markets, particularly in Asia. Recent papers have suggested that…

Utilisation of the World Wide Web by Wine Producers

Oliver Richardson

Many thousands of business related pages have been established on the World Wide Web (The Web) in the last five years. Some of the organisations that have published such pages…

Research Note: Targeting the Un‐Experienced and the Convenience Shopper

Ulrich Orth

More and more wine producers realise the opportunities that lie within designing extrinsic product attributes for promoting their wine. Unique packaging (e.g. special bottles) or…



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