International Journal of Wine Marketing: Volume 14 Issue 1


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Information Asymmetries in the Pricing of Fine Wines

Stephen F. Thode, Larry W. Taylor, James M. Maskulka

A dynamic econometric model of wine auctions is estimated to measure the informational signalling impact of a wine critic on the return to the investment in fine wines. United…

Export Assistance Needs of US Wineries

Richard M. Castaldi, Murray Silverman, Sanjit Sengupta

In the Spring of 2000, questionnaires regarding the export assistance needs of all 1012 wineries in California. Oregon Washington and Idaho were mailed. These surveys one for…

Country of Origin Effects and Complimentary Marketing Channels: Is Mexican Wine More Enjoyable when Served with Mexican Food?

Janeen E. Olsen, Linda Nowak, T.K. Clarke

This article investigates whether a negative country of origin bias facing imported wine can be offset when it is distributed in marketing channels alongside already accepted…

Promoting Wine by Country

Isabella M. Chancy

Purchasing products based on their country‐of‐origin is often employed by consumers as it is a short cut in the often lengthy decision process. Researchers have studied this…


Purchase Situation Modelling in Wine Selection: An Evaluation of Factors in an Australian Context

Richard C. Morey, Beverley A. Sparks, Hugh C. Wilkins

The consumption of wine has over recent years increased in many countries with wine now often being a preferred social beverage. As consumption has increased consumers have become…


A Background to the South African Wine Industry 2001

Peter Garrett

This article sets out the state of the South African wine market at the latter end of the year 2001. Whilst it has not recovered fully from world sanctions the damage has mostly…

Research Note: Piedmonte, Alba and Asti

Peter Garrett

The ‘Raison d'etre’ for this article is the fact that the area is waking up, in no small way, to its wine, agricultural and tourist potential. It has produced some identifiable…



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