International Journal of Wine Marketing: Volume 12 Issue 2


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External Search Effort for Wine

Isabella M. Chaney

The existence and extent of consumers' external search effort has been deliberated by consumer behaviour theorists for several decades. Research has largely focused on durable…


US Wine Exports to México

Alfonso Sánchez

In this article, information needed for potential US wine exporters to Mexico is provided. The opportunities for US wines in the Mexican market are closely examined in addition to…

Identifying Wine Innovators: A Test of the Domain Specific Innovativeness Scale Using Known Groups

Ronald E. Goldsmith

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the Domain Specific Innovativeness scale (DSI) for “known‐groups validity.” Data came from two groups of student volunteers: 48 students…

Elements Influencing Wine Purchasing: A New Zealand View

Art Thomas

Consumers make numerous decisions about product purchases and these are influenced by internal and external factors. Manufacturer influence over some external elements can occur…


Wine Tourism: A Tale of Two Conferences

Michael Beverland

Wine tourism has gained increased coverage in the last 4–5 years. Recognised as an effective aid to distribution and brand building, both industry and academia have developed…



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