International Journal of Wine Marketing: Volume 11 Issue 1


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Education in a West Australian Wine Tourism Context

Jane Ali‐Knight

Education is seen to be a key ingredient in today's wine marketing and an important tool for the winery in attracting and maintaining its consumer base in an increasingly…

An Empirical Confirmation of Segments in the Australian Wine Market

John Hall

Spawton (1991) discusses consumer expectations and risk‐reduction strategies in the purchase of wines. Spawton (1991) refers to a four‐segment model of the market. These segments…

Wine Choice Behaviour: The Effect of Regional Branding

Michelle Rasmussen, Larry Lockshin

As Australia embarks on the new millennium, marketers must understand the basis of consumer choice, both domestically and internationally. Generally, brands are becoming…


Are Salespeople Relationship Oriented? (And Do They Need To Be?) A Study Based on the New Zealand Wine Industry

Michael Beverland

Despite the important role of salespeople in forming relationships with customers, little research has been carried out in this area. Based upon a series of interviews and a…

UVA MIRA, Birth of a New Wine Farm

Peter Garrett

This article studies the planning and creation of a substantial wine farm in South Africa. A prominent businessman uses his managerial talents in copy‐book fashion, to attract…



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