International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 29 Issue 4


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Organizational underpinnings of interactive decision making: an empirical inquiry

Paolo Fedele, Luca Brusati, Mario Ianniello

Interactive decision making has become a recurrent practice across countries, policy sectors and tiers of government. The purpose of this paper is to analyze how…

Local government transparency index: determinants of municipalities’ rankings

Joaquim Filipe Ferraz Esteves de Araujo, Francisca Tejedo-Romero

Cases of corruption, embezzlement, theft and fraud, abuse of discretion, favoritism, nepotism, clientelism, and abuse of power in governments have led to a growing demand…


Contribution of internal auditing to risk management: Perceptions of public sector senior management

Philna Coetzee

There is a widening gap between the expectations of internal audit stakeholders and the value the function brings to the table, for example, in the management of the risks…


Evaluating competing public policy approaches towards the informal economy: Some lessons from the United Kingdom

Colin C Williams, Ioana Alexandra Horodnic, Lynda Burkinshaw

Conventionally, participation in the informal economy has been explained by viewing citizens as rational economic actors participating when the pay-off is greater than the…

Co-production: what makes co-production work? Evidence from Pakistan

Seemab Ara Farooqi

In developing countries there is a growing recognition that co-production offers more cost effective and responsive service delivery options in low income areas. The…

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