International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 29 Issue 2


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Experimental public administration from 1992 to 2014: A systematic literature review and ways forward

Robin Bouwman, Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen

Based on previous inventories, the purpose of this paper is to extend the knowledge on public administration experiments by focusing on their experimental type, design…


ICT and sustainability in smart cities management

Francesco Bifulco, Marco Tregua, Cristina Caterina Amitrano, Anna D'Auria

Contemporary debate is increasingly focused on ICT and sustainability, especially in relation to the modern configuration of urban and metropolitan areas in the so-called…


Improving access and managing healthcare demand with walk-in clinic: Convenient, but at what cost?

Anna-Aurora Kork, Jarmo Vakkuri

Poor access to healthcare and increasing demand for services represent a management dilemma how to balance between needs and costs. Scrutinising the concept of demand…


Disabled employees in Jordanian public sector: an exploratory study

Raed Ismail Ababneh

The purpose of this paper is to explore the attitudes of disabled employees toward availability of work facilities, treatment of other employees, and the working…


Citizens’ perceived value of locally-provided services: Empirical study of a rural population in Southeast Finland

Mika Immonen, Sanna Sintonen

Ageing and population movement from rural regions to regional centres have raised new questions regarding the value of locally available services. The purpose of this…

Support, opposition, emotion and contentious issue risk perception

Maureen Bourassa, Kelton Doraty, Loleen Berdahl, Jana Fried, Scott Bell

Research on emotion in the context of risk perception has historically focused on negative emotions, and has emphasized the effect of these negative emotions on the…

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