International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 23 Issue 4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Patient–centred care: a Nordic perspective

Guest Editors: IngaLill Johansson, Lars Norn, Ewa Wikstrm

Transforming patients to consumers: evaluating national healthcare portals

Agneta Ranerup

One prominent translation of patient‐centred care is public sector consumerism by which patients may influence the services provided by acting like consumers. The focus of…


Mobilizing information infrastructure, shaping patient‐centred care

Signe Vikkelsø

This paper seeks to explore the challenges and transformations in healthcare resulting from building information infrastructures for patient‐centred care.


Do the waiting‐time guarantees in the Scandinavian countries empower patients?

Ulrika Winblad, Karsten Vrangbæk, Katarina Östergren

This paper aims to analyse waiting‐time guarantees in the three Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden) and to assess whether their current policy designs…


The private interests of consumers in the healthcare market

Lars Norén

This paper sets out to examine how private health insurance (PHI) supports the private interests of consumers of healthcare services. The focus is on how insurance…


Lost in translation: a patient‐centred experience of unintegrated care

Hannele Kerosuo

This paper seeks to take a patient‐centred perspective in exploring the treatment of multiple and chronic illnesses in inter‐organizational care practice in Finland.


The role of disciplining/translating accounting practices in patient‐centred care

Ann‐Christine Frandsen

This paper aims to offer a critical pathway to understanding recent changes and improvements in organizing and managing healthcare – such as the emerging “patient‐centred…


Expanding care pathways: towards interplay of multiple care‐objects

Anu Kajamaa

This study seeks to challenge the notions of the standardized care pathway and patient‐centred care, both of which provide only a partial view of care as a complex system…

Bringing about change in patient‐centred preventive care

Loni Ledderer

This paper aims to explore how healthcare organizations in Denmark transform modern ideas of patient‐centred preventive care into organizational practice. Specific…

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