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A framework for benchmarking in the public sector: Literature review and directions for future research

Jeffrey J. Dorsch, Mahmoud M. Yasin

The literature related to benchmarking since the year 1986 is examined, classified, and analyzed. A total of 415 articles, abstracts, and books are considered for this…


Privatizing road maintenance in developing countries

Paul Larcher

Over the past decade, there has been growing international interest in utilising private contractors to improve efficiency and reduce costs of road maintenance. In…


Managerial effectiveness in an NHS Hospital Trust: Some observations based on contrasting organizational perspectives

Stephen G. Willcocks

The article utilises contrasting heuristical perspectives ‐ contingency and political theory ‐ to help throw light on aspects of managerial effectiveness at an NHS Trust…


Pathways to success: Contrasting roles in public sector business development for the tourism industries ‐ a comparison of Glasgow and Dublin

J. John Lennon, A.V. Seaton

Originating from Glasgow Development Agency’s analysis of Dublin’s success in attracting tourism over the period 1986‐96, this paper considers the two cities ‐ Dublin and…


Contracting‐out in public health and water services in Ghana

George A. Larbi

This article examines contracting‐out in practice in public health and water services in Ghana. Drawing on in‐depth interviews and discussions with knowledgeable…


Managerialism ‐ something old, something borrowed, little new: Economic prescription versus effective organizational change in public agencies

John Dixon, Alexander Kouzmin, Nada Korac‐Kakabadse

Of many managerialist panaceas, the most prevalent one today is the assertion that private sector practices will solve the public sector’s “self‐evident” inadequate…


Gender and public service: a case study of Mumbai

Trudie Honour, Jim Barry, Sneha Palnitkar

This paper considers the role of gender in urban governance, taking Mumbai (formerly Bombay) in India as case study. Findings are presented from a research programme…

Managerialism and the British GP: the GP as manager and as managed

Teresa Warwicker

The focus of the paper is on the relationship between General Practitioners (GPs) and central government. This relationship dates from the introduction of national health…

The analysis of intergovernmental relations within the autonomous Basque community: The introduction to a case study on the subject of social action

Jaione Mondragon

The process of public policy making involves different levels of government administrative organs and other interests affected by it. One of the essential aspects of the…

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