International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 10 Issue 1/2


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Clinical management as boundary management: A comparative analysis of Canadian and UK health‐care institutions

Louise Fitzgerald, Yvon Dufour

Focuses on the critical role played by professionals in the management of health‐care institutions in the UK and Canada. Using empirical data, examines the structural…


Competition as a means of procuring public services: Lessons for the UK from the US experience

Judith D. Smyth

Competition is now widely used as the means of choosing the providers of essential public services in the USA and the UK. Many different approaches are found in the USA…


Tracks of change in hospitals: a study of quasi‐market transformation

Martin Kitchener, Richard Whipp

Examines the process of change in hospitals that has emerged following the introduction of the health quasi‐market in 1991. Blends empirical evidence with Greenwood and…


Control and accountability in the NHS market: a practical proposition or logical impossibility?

John J. Glynn, David Perkins

Before the imposition of the NHS internal market, systems of accountability and control were far from adequate and could be criticized on a number of grounds. The market…


Health‐care reforms in the People’s Republic of China: Strategies and social implications

Victor C.W. Wong, Sammy W.S. Chiu

Analyses the features, strategies and characteristics of health‐care reforms in the People’s Republic of China. Since the fourteenth Central Committee of the Chinese…


The changing role of the regional tier of the NHS

Sue Dopson, Rosemary Stewart

Reviews the past role of regional health authorities in the the British NHS and gives details of the recent changes to regions associated with the functions and…


Managerialism, information technology and health reform in New Zealand

Bill Doolin, Stewart Lawrence

Recent health reform in New Zealand has transformed public hospitals and related health services into Crown Health Enterprises (CHEs), which have a statutory objective to…

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