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A conceptualization of suppliers’ and buyers’ abilities in product development: Cases from the retail industry

Lena Bjerhammar, Jörgen Elbe

The purpose of this paper is to present a conceptual framework of specified buyer and supplier abilities which may be apparent in processes when firms wish to develop…

The impact of business networks on foreign subsidiaries development: Internationalizing by surfing on several global factories

Enrico Baraldi, Francesco Ciabuschi, Olof Lindahl, Andrea Perna, Gian Luca Gregori

The purpose of this paper is to explore two specific areas pertaining to industrial networks and international business (IB). First, the authors look at how business…

The impact of effectuation on small firm buying decisions

Phillip McGowan

The purpose of this paper is to consider the effect of effectuation logic on the buying intentions of small firm owner-managers.

Networked interdependencies and interaction in a biotechnology research project

Artur Janusz, Agata Bednarek, Leszek Komarowski, Pawel Boniecki, Per Engelseth

The purpose of this paper is to reveal the interdependencies involved and how interaction takes place in the context of a project organization as a network of academic and…

Quality management systems as indicators for stability and change in customer-supplier relationships

Peter Hallberg, Nina Hasche, Johan Kask, Christina Öberg

This paper extends the discussion on stability and change through focus on specific relationship characteristics. Quality management systems prescribe established routines…

Do sales people trust new customers because of who they are?

Piotr Gaczek, Grzegorz Leszczynski, Marek Zielinski

The purpose of this paper is to identify the interplay between the characteristics of trustee and trustor in trust formation at the initial stage of a relationship in the…

Exploring the role of business relationships in start-ups’ life cycles: Evidences from the Italian context

Chiara Cantù, Sepe Giorgia, Alessandra Tzannis

Differently from previous works that focused on the entrepreneur and on his ability to manage social relationships, the purpose of this paper is to investigate the role of…

The incubation process of mid-stage startup companies: a business network perspective

Francesco Petrucci

The purpose of this paper is to preliminary attempt to deal with the phenomenon of business incubation from the industrial network perspective (Hakansson et al., 2009)…

Factors of business relationships change in agribusiness input distribution channel: The case of Polish market

Michal Gazdecki

The purpose of this paper is to identify factors of change in business relationships among companies operating in agribusiness input distribution channel.



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