IMP Journal: Volume 11 Issue 3


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Brokerage-based value creation: the case of a Danish offshore business network

Susanne Gretzinger, Birgit Leick

Social capital plays an important role in transforming knowledge within and across inter-firm business networks in industries. The purpose of this paper is to explore…

How buyer roles and critical times affect buyer-supplier exchange episodes

William James Newell

The purpose of this paper is threefold: first, to examine how buyer-supplier episodes are characterised by their dimensions of time and social space, and how these…

Business models in business networks – how do they emerge?

Antonella La Rocca, Ivan Snehota

The expanding body of research on business models generally assumes that firms operate in a “transactional” context. Several recent studies suggest that the concept of…

Two rebelling approaches but only one embraced by policy: On the different policy advices of NIS and IMP

Magnus Eklund, Alexandra Waluszewski

The purpose of this paper is twofold, first, to shed light on the different patterns in which international marketing and purchasing (IMP) and national innovation system…

Public procurement reform in the EU: start of a new era?

Tim Torvatn, Luitzen de Boer

The purpose of this paper is to study the reform of public purchasing directives initiated by the European Union (EU) and discuss them in light of the criticism against…

Practice or lip service: exploring collaboration perspectives in purchasing

Wesley S. Boyce, Ray A. Mundy

The purpose of this paper is to convey a sample of current collaboration perspectives in purchasing. The purchasing function has a critical role to play in collaborative…

Smart cities: A literature review and business network approach discussion on the management of organisations

Christina Öberg, Gary Graham, Patrick Hennelly

The smart city idea refers to new ways of organising city functions and urban life, which are believed to move production and consumption from global to local…



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