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Do audit firm rotation, auditor retention, and joint audits matter? – An experimental investigation of bank directors' and institutional investors' perceptions

Reiner Quick, Florian Schmidt

As a consequence of the global financial and economic crisis, the European Commission recently reformed the audit market. One objective was to restore public trust in the…

Whistleblowing on accountingy-related misconduct: A synthesis of the literature

Gladys Lee, Xinning Xiao

Whistleblowers have been credited for uncovering financial scandals in companies globally, including Enron, Olympus Corporation, and WorldCom. Despite increasing support…

Testing for control system interdependence with structural equation modeling: Conceptual developments and evidence on the levers of control framework

Tobias Johansson

This article deals with how to test for and evaluate interdependence among control practices in a management control system using structural equation modeling. Empirical…

Studies on the impact of accounting information and assurance on commercial lending judgments

Arnold Schneider

This paper reviews studies that have examined how accounting information impacts commercial lending judgments. Issues discussed involve the usefulness of accounting data…

Is earnings management sensitive to discount rates?

Jesper Haga, Kim Ittonen, Per C. Tronnes, Leon Wong

We argue that managers’ choice to manage earnings depends on the trade-off in the present value of expected future net benefits associated with that choice. Specifically…

Who’s the boss? The economic and behavioral implications of various characterizations of the superior in participative budgeting research

Alisa G. Brink, Jennifer C. Coats, Frederick W. Rankin

Participative budgeting can benefita firm by incorporating subordinates’ private information into financing and operating decisions. In the managerial accounting…

No news is bad news: Do PCAOB part II reports have an effect on annually inspected firms’ audit fees and audit quality?

Elizabeth Johnson, Kenneth J. Reichelt, Jared S. Soileau

We investigate the effect of the PCAOB’s Part II report on annually inspected firms’ audit fees and audit quality. The PCAOB replaced the peer review auditor program with…

Future research directions at the intersection between cognitive neuroscience research and auditors’ professional skepticism

Carmen Olsen, Anna Gold

Drawing on the literature from cognitive neuroscience and auditing research on professional skepticism (PS), this paper identifies new research questions, determinants…

Idiosyncratic information and the cost of equity capital: A meta-analytic review of the literature

Max Schreder

This paper provides a quantitative review of the literature on the repercussions of idiosyncratic information on firms’ cost of equity (CoE) capital. In total, I review…

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