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No pain, no gain: how PACE information attenuates consumption

William J. Montford, John Peloza, Ronald Earl Goldsmith

The current research contributes to the marketing literature by examining, and more importantly, better understanding a presentation format (i.e. PACE) in which caloric…

The easy-money effect: credit card spending and hard-work reminders

King-Yin Wong, Michael Lynn

This research paper aims to examine the proposed easy-money effect of credit cards, which stimulates consumers to overspend. This paper shows how such an easy-money effect…


Consumer decision-making for functional foods: insights from a qualitative study

Ioanna Anninou, Gordon R. Foxall

This study aims to examine functional foods, a relatively recent development in the food industry, from the perspective of consumer decision-making. It deals specifically…


Social- versus personal-oriented purchases: impacts of worry versus sadness on young consumers

Bing Shi, Shanshan Li, Xiao Zhang, Dan Zhang

The purpose of this research is to examine the role of worry versus sadness in influencing young consumers’ purchase decisions and to clarify the differences across the…


“Hobson’s choice” servicescape: consumer anxiety and enjoyment

Milos Bujisic, Vanja Bogicevic, Wan Yang, Cihan Cobanoglu, Anil Bilgihan

A Hobson’s choice is a free choice in which only one option is offered. The aim of this study is to examine dimensions of “Hobson’s choice” servicescape and their effect…


Construction and validation of customer value co-creation attitude scale

Amjad Shamim, Zulkipli Ghazali, Pia A. Albinsson

The purpose of this research is to develop a scale for measuring customer value co-creation attitude (CVCCA).


How the content of location-based advertisings influences consumers’ store patronage intention

Dong Hong Zhu, Hui Sun, Ya Ping Chang

With the development of location-based services and mobile phones, local retailing stores have the opportunity to send location-based advertisings (LBAs) to consumers at a…


Viewer perceptions of television commercials: a conceptual replication

Yunjae Cheong, Federico de Gregorio, Kihan Kim

The authors conceptually aim to replicate and update an early stream of research to find the key dimensions used by today’s audiences. They also show that the dimensions…

Picture-based persuasion in advertising: the impact of attractive pictures on verbal ad’s content

Marine Kergoat, Thierry Meyer, Alain Merot

The present study aims to further examine the persuasive effect of pictures in a print ad according to the recipient’s ability to process the information and to observe to…


Investigating consumer ethics: a segmentation study

Denni Arli

The plague of unethical practices in global businesses has sparked much research on the role of ethics in today’s business and society. One of the most effective tools to…


Examining the effectiveness of WOM/eWOM communications across age-based cohorts: implications for political marketers

Pramod Iyer, Atefeh Yazdanparast, David Strutton

Political marketing is unable to reach out or influence voters as it once did. This study aims to identify means for political marketers to effectively reach to voters…


Actual and ideal-self congruence and dual brand passion

Marina Astakhova, Krist R. Swimberghe, Barbara Ross Wooldridge

The aim of this study is to explore the relationships between actual (ASC) and ideal self-congruence (ISC) and harmonious (HBP) and obsessive brand passion (OBP).

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