Journal of Consumer Marketing: Volume 33 Issue 3


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Locating and leveraging inside sources of consumer insights

Brian Wansink

Inside sources are people who interact with target consumers on a frequent or intense basis. They can have powerful insights about why consumers behave as they do. This…

How to present donations: the moderating role of numeracy in cause-related marketing

Janet Kleber, Arnd Florack, Anja Chladek

Cause-related marketing (CRM) is a sales strategy that is used to improve the success of a product by including a donation to a charitable cause in its price. While…


Multi-level loyalty program rewards and their effects on top-tier customers and second-tier customers

Jonas Colliander, Magnus Söderlund, Stefan Szugalski

The purpose of the paper is to examine how members at different levels in a multi-level loyalty program react when they are allowed the opportunity to compare the rewards…


Social media opinion sharing: beyond volume

Joseph Cabosky

Industry and academic marketing researchers have attempted to predict consumer behavior from the volume and sentiment of social media activity. Yet, real-world examples…


Credibility of a peer endorser and advertising effectiveness

Juha Munnukka, Outi Uusitalo, Hanna Toivonen

Advertisers use various tactics to influence consumer purchases and create positive associations with their brands. The purpose of this study is to explore the formation…


The customer is king: culture-based unintended consequences of modern marketing

Chang Soo Kim, Praveen Aggarwal

This study aims to examine how the modern marketing expectation of treating the customer like a king can become a source of power differential in societies that already…


Guilt-free food consumption: one of your five ideologies a day

Paul Haynes, Stepan Podobsky

Marketing products as guilt-free is not new, especially in the food industry, but what is new is the scope of ethical choice on offer and the variety and complexity of…


Ethical decision making in counterfeit purchase situations: the influence of moral awareness and moral emotions on moral judgment and purchase intentions

Luis F. Martinez, Dorothea S. Jaeger

Counterfeiting is an increasingly global phenomenon that threatens the economy as a whole and also presents a risk for the consumers. The purpose of this study is to…

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