American Journal of Police: Volume 14 Issue 3/4


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A multivariate analysis of individual, situational and environmental factors associated with police assault injuries

Robert J. Kaminski, David W.M. Sorensen

Uses data on 1,550 nonlethal assaults recorded by Baltimore County Police Department. Examines factors that are associated with the likelihood of officer injury after an…


Strategies to avoid arrest: crack sellers’ response to intensified policing

Bruce D. Johnson, Mangai Natarajan

Interviews over 120 sellers and low‐level distributors of the drug “crack” in New York City. Documents seller strategies to counter police tactics. Finds that crack…


The future terrorists in America

Joseph R. Carlson

Looks at the self‐reported perceptions of police chiefs in a majority of US cities with a population exceeding 100,000. Identifies, regionally and nationally, those…


Examining differential officer effects in the Minneapolis domestic violence experiment

Patrick R. Gartin

Reassesses the Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment (MDVE) data of the 1980s which said that “arrest works best”. Examines the potential effects of a small number of…


Drug abuse resistance education program effectiveness

Robert T. Sigler, Gregory B. Talley

Presents information on the Drug abuse resistance education (DARE) program, a set of 17 lessons on drug resistance given by police officers to sixth grade children…


The county sheriff as a distinctive policing modality

David N. Falcone, L. Edward Wells

Argues that US county‐level policing is distinct from municipal policing. Examines differences between them in terms of historical, political, geographical, functional…


Moving toward community policing: the role of postmaterialist values in a changing profession

Jihong Zhao, Nicholas P. Lovrich, Kelsey Gray

Explains Inglehart’s theory that in advanced industrial societies, individual values have moved from materialism to a greater emphasis on freedom, self‐expression and the…

Crime fighting: law enforcement and service provider role orientations in community‐based police officers

Stephen B. Perrott, Donald M. Taylor

Surveys a police department in a medium‐sized Canadian city to investigate ethnocentrism and role orientation, in particular the officer’s role as crime fighter rather…


Officer retention patterns: an affirmative action concern for police agencies?

William G. Doerner

Studies agency compliance with affirmative action mandate on black and/or female personnel. Examines turnover in sworn personnel in a municipal police department at…




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