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Table Of Contents: Volume 24 Issue 7

The unique reach of cybernetics in our fin‐de‐siècle

C. Musès

The greatest mistakes and delusions of human history have come about through logically drawing conclusions from an omissive set of premisses. Cybernetics, being the…

Cybernetics: the bridge between divided knowledge and transdisciplinarity

Edmond Nicolau

Discusses a hyperspecialization in science, with axiological tendencies that put science higher than art or the myths. Considers that from a cybernetic point of view…

The decade of the brain – some comments

Alex M. Andrew

Proposes that halfway through the decade which has been termed that of the brain, our level of understanding is still primitive despite much excellent research. Discusses…

Concept‐maps, logic and the cerebral hemispheres

Jacob Thimor, Uri Fidelman

Finds a statistically significant relation between top‐down concept‐mapping and the right cerebral hemisphere, and between bottom‐up concept‐mapping and the right…

On integral, differential, and integro‐differential equations, perturbation and averaging methods

George Adomian

Averaging methods with closure approximations and perturbative methods have been discussed in control literature. Suggests that continuing mathematical developments in the…

A simple model of life expectancy with subjective parameters

R.C. Bassanezi, L.C. de Barros

The use of deterministic or stochastic models to describe an observable phenomenon is considered to present enormous difficulty when evaluating the subjective…

Cybernetic thinking in economic planning – an exploratory study for India

Amitava Ghosal

Explores how a cybernetic approach can help in comprehending problems in macro‐economics of the future for a megasystem like a large developing country, such as India…

A systems model of the Malaysian macro‐economy

Masudul Alam Choudhury

Undertakes the formalization and development of a simulational interactive macroeconometric model for Malaysia. Focuses on theoretical perspectives but covers applied…

Fuzzy threshold functions and applications

Edward T. Lee, Te‐Shun Chou

The set of fuzzy threshold functions is defined to be a fuzzy set over the set of functions. All threshold functions have full memberships in this fuzzy set. Defines and…



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