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Proxy Contests: A Re‐examination of the Value of the Vote Hypothesis

Chinmoy Ghosh, James E. Owers, Ronald C. Rogers

This paper presents new evidence on the market value of voting rights during a proxy contest. It tests the hypothesis that the positive announcement period abnormal…

Proxy Contests: Are They Close Encounters of the Worst Kind?

Gail E. Farrelly

This essay considers some of the negative effects of proxy contests and emphasizes that the proxy contest should be the choice of last resort. When costs are weighed…

Reflections of a Corporate Conflict Freak

Douglas V. Austin

In reviewing proxy contests and tender offers of the past, the author concludes that the former has been inferior as a form of corporate conflict mechanism to the latter…

Battles for Control: An Overview of Proxy Contests

G.D. Hancock

This paper reviews the theoretical and empirical contributions to the proxy contest literature. The theoretical work, to date, suggests that (1) the use of the proxy…

Corporate Behavior After the Proxy Contest for Control: The Short, Intermediate and Long Term

Tarun K. Mukherjee, Oscar Varela

The effects of a proxy contest for control on a company are examined in this paper over a short, intermediate and long‐term post‐contest period of time. Major findings are…



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