Circuit World: Volume 8 Issue 4


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A New Concept in Moisture Protection for Circuits and Components

E.R. Wood

Condensation of atmospheric moisture on electrical circuits and components can have a dramatic adverse effect on both performance and physical state. If the assembly is not…

Environmental Effects of Fumes Created During Soldering

Wallace Rubin

The application of the Health & Safety at Work Act is discussed in relation to solder and flux fumes arising during soldering processes. Comparisons between fumes from different…

The Ultimate in Automatic Inspection

Riccardo Vanzetti, Alan C. Traub, Laura Supino

In mass‐production of PCBs, visual inspection of soldered joints has probably been the last major operation still performed manually. A system has been designed to ensure that the…

The Japanese PCB Industry

N.K. Pearne

The Japanese PCB industry is in many ways comparable with the industry in the UK and yet is achieving higher levels of output and taking a somewhat different route in technology…

Review of Bench Top and Small Modular Etching Units

Increased automation and improvements in cost‐effective volume production techniques have, paradoxically, created additional difficulties when small quantities of printed circuit…

PCB Holders

Now available from Vaughan Associates, is the FERCO range of Printed Circuit Board Holders. Available in three design options, antistatic, high conductivity (especially suitable…

The Business of Thick Film Hybrids

M.G. Sage

This paper looks at the development of thick film hybrids and their relative position in the markets of the USA, Japan and Western Europe. Industry structure and the importance of…

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