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Predicting the Punchability of Laminates

G.W. Rippington, J.B. Holmes

In laminate specifications, attention is rarely paid to punching requirements. Although printed circuit manufacturers often assess the punchability of laminates in situ by trial…

2nd Printed Circuit World Convention June 9th–12th, 1981, Munich, Germany

Hardly had the dust settled on the first highly successful Printed Circuit World Convention, held in London at the Cafe Royal in 1978, than plans were laid for its successor. It…

Round the Circuit

Artech Electronics announce that they have been appointed sole agents in the UK and Ireland for the entire range of products from Millefori, the PCB manufacturing organisation…

Products • Processes • Materials • Equipment

Machines for automatic high speed stripping and plating of printed circuit edge contacts are being introduced to the UK market. Under a recently completed licencing agreement…

Institute News

The 7th Annual Symposium of the Institute was held this year on Wednesday and Thursday, the 6th and 7th of May to avoid clashing with the Second Printed Circuit World Convention…

Coating Thickness Measurement—and what to do with the Results

T.D.T. Latter

Modern industry and domestic users continue to demand increasing quantities of coated products. Since price, performance and appearance are all dependent upon the thickness of…

New Non‐Precious Metal Catalyst for Through‐Hole Plating

D.A. Luke

Until recently the majority of catalysts used in through‐hole plating of printed circuits have been based on processes containing tin and palladium. These have been adequate…

Technology of Manufacture or Technology of Application—Which Will Change More?

E.H. Nicholson

Semiconductors and PCBs have progressively become the leading two components in the electronics industry, although marked differences exist between them. PCB technology has…

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