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Quality Assessment: 18—Dip Insertion Damage

Ronald A. Bulwith

Due to the unique configuration of DIP package leads having a flat shouldered structure, extra care must be exercised in hole size design and insertion. Too large a hole diameter…

The MarlerTech Annual Technical Seminar

Executives from leading companies in the British Electronic and Circuit Board manufacturing industries gathered recently at E. T. Marler's Wimbledon Research Centre for the Annual…

Round the Circuit

Les Round has joined Alpha Circuits as Technical Manager. Previously he has held positions with Shipley and Imasa.

Products • Processes • Materials • Equipment

IMASA Ltd. have introduced a new generic name for their range of gold plating processes which have been developed in their UK laboratories. ORIMA N is the first in this series and…

Printed Circuit World convention II

It seems scarcely more than a few weeks since the First Printed Circuit World Convention was held in the Cafe Royal in London. Its great success encouraged its organisers, the…


Institute News

The following is a list of examination results obtained at the various courses run by the Institute during 1980. The grading are D = Distinction; C = Credit; P = Pass. The prize…


David Cox

An appreciation of the material from which modern printed circuit board drills are fabricated and an understanding of the salient geometric design features incorporated in such…

Electron Beam Lithography at the Rutherford Laboratory

R.A. Lawes

The Science Research Council has opened a mask‐making facility at the Rutherford Laboratory based on the EBMF‐2 Electron Beam Microfabricator. Ancillary equipment designed to…

Costing a Printed Circuit Board

Brian O'Hara

This paper outlines a practical method of working out the true cost of producing PCBs which, with the addition of profit margins, will give the selling price. Following a brief…

Effluent Treatment and Water Conservation in the Printed Circuit Industry

M.J. Hutt

The pretreatment, electroplating and etching processes used by the PCB industry are unique in comparison with the plating industry generally. This paper deals with the treatment…


Mass Lamination as a Laminator's Service to the PCB Industry

R.J. Baillie

This paper describes the principles of mass lamination as applied to the production of multilayer printed wiring boards. Recent development of the service is briefly discussed…

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