Circuit World: Volume 6 Issue 3


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Water Soluble Fluxes for PCB Soldering and Contamination Control

Brian N. Ellis

After an introduction briefly describing the historical background of flux selection for soldering in the electronics industry, a logical development is presented showing that…

Quality Assessment: 17—White Residues

Ronald A. Bulwith

With the advent of stricter tolerances and higher reliability requirements on electronic assemblies, PWB contamination has arisen as a significant contributing factor to these…

Round the Circuit

Geared toward engineers, managers and supervisors in the areas of quality, manufacturing engineering and production, ‘Quality Factors in Fabricating Printed Circuit Boards’ will…

Institute News

The activities of the Institute have been increased considerably over the last two years by additional symposia, by an increase in social functions, and by a broadening of its…

BS 9000 and Printed Circuits

T. Reynoldson

The BS 9760 series of specifications, covering rigid and flexible printed circuits, is described. The objectives and structure of the BS 9000 specification system are also…

Soldering and Fusing by Condensation Heat Transfer

E.R. Wood

When saturated vapour condenses to liquid, latent heat of vapourisation is released to the item causing the condensation, this item which is itself heated. Use is made of this…

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