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The Resistance of Space‐Quality Solder Joints to Thermal Fatigue: Part 2

B.D. Dunn

An evaluation programme involving the extensive thermal cycling of component‐assembled printed circuit boards has been undertaken to assess the suitability of ESA‐approved…

Circuit World Visits: RESCO Multilayer Training Factory in Milan

Circuit World ventures onto foreign soil this month with its visit to Milan, a city of historical and cultural renown as well as Italy's economic capital, now enjoying a…

Quality Assessment: 15—Component Lead Solderability

In the assembly of printed circuit boards, great emphasis is placed on good solderability of the printed circuit board and on the preservation of this. Equally important, and…

Products ♦ Processes ♦ Materials ♦ Equipment

ICI Mond Division has developed a new grade of “Arklone” for removing highly active flux residues remaining on printed circuit boards and electrical assemblies after soldering.

Institute News

Members of the Council will be in attendance at this years InterNepcon Exhibition, which is being held on Tuesday 16th—Thursday 18th October, manning a special table which will be…

Hydrogen Peroxide/Sulphuric Acid Etching Systems

D.C. Simpkins

The paper deals with the use of a Hydrogen Peroxide/Sulphuric Acid etchant in the Through‐Hole Plating system. The relative merits of this solution compared to currently used…

Advances in Printed Circuit Drilling

Martin Icough

NC drilling and routing have come of age and have revolutionised the process of drilling holes in PCBs. Computer controlled (CNC) machines are being introduced and the…

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