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Compact four-port vertically polarized UWB monopole antenna for MIMO communications

Premalatha J., Sheela D.

This paper aims to present the design of a compact vertically polarized four-element UWB antenna suitable for MIMO communications.

Electrical properties of graphite-glass thick-film resistors

Tomasz Matusiak, Arkadiusz Dabrowski, Leszek Golonka

The purpose of this paper is to present the properties of thick-film resistors made of novel pastes prepared from glass and graphite.


Development of assembly techniques for connection of AlGaN/GaN/Si chips to DBC substrate

Ryszard Kisiel, Marek Guziewicz, Andrzej Taube, Maciej Kaminski, Mariusz Sochacki

This paper aims to investigate the sintering and solid liquid interdiffusion bonding (SLID) techniques to attach AlGaN/GaN-on-Si chips to direct bond copper (DBC) substrate. The…

Design and implementation of power and area optimized AES architecture on FPGA for IoT application

Rajasekar P., Mangalam H.

The growing trends in the usage of hand held devices necessitate the need to design them with low power consumption and less area design. Besides, information security is gaining…

A new tapped sources stack succored modified HX bridge MLI

Kannan Chandrasekaran, Nalin Kant Mohanty, Selvarasu Ranganathan

Multilevel inverter (MLI) is a prevailing sensible alternative to two-level inverters that offer a high-quality output voltage waveform, wherein the multiple input direct current…

A new three-phase multilevel DC-link inverter topology with reduced switch count for photovoltaic applications

Anbarasan P., Krishnakumar V., Ramkumar S., Venkatesan S.

This paper aims to propose a new MLI topology with reduced number of switches for photovoltaic applications. Multilevel inverters (MLIs) have been found to be prospective for…


Hardware accelerated range Doppler algorithm for SAR data processing using Zynq processor

Hiren K. Mewada, Jitendra Chaudhari, Amit V. Patel, Keyur Mahant, Alpesh Vala

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging is the most computational intensive algorithm and this makes its implementation challenging for real-time application. This paper aims to…


FPGA-based experiments for demonstrating bi-stability in tabu learning neuron model

Dong Zhu, Liping Hou, Mo Chen, Bocheng Bao

The purpose of this paper is to develop an field programmable gate array (FPGA)-based neuron circuit to mimic dynamical behaviors of tabu learning neuron model.

HMSIW based highly selective filter for radar applications

Keyur Mahant, Hiren K. Mewada, Amit V. Patel, Alpesh Vala, Jitendra Chaudhari

This paper aims to present, design and implement a novel half-mode substrate integrated waveguide (HMSIW)-based narrow bandpass filter, which offers advantages like low insertion…

Heat transfer and deformation analysis of flexible printed circuit board under thermal and flow effects

Chong Hooi Lim, M.Z. Abdullah, I. Abdul Azid, C.Y. Khor, M.S. Abdul Aziz, M.H.H. Ishaik

The purpose of this study is to investigate heat transfer and deformation of flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) under thermal and flow effects by using fluid structure…

Design and implementation of system-on-chip for peripheral component interconnect express encryption card based on multiple algorithms

Chen Kuilin, Feng Xi, Fu Yingchun, Liu Liang, Feng Wennan, Jiang Minggang, Hu Yi, Tang Xiaoke

The data protection is always a vital problem in the network era. High-speed cryptographic chip is an important part to ensure data security in information interaction. This paper…

Hybrid parallel adder for 3X multiple generation in radix-8 booth encoding using fast carry tree structure

Nirmaladevi Ramu, Seshasayanan Ramachandran

In most commercial processors, enhancing the speed of multiplication using radix-8 booth encoding is the preferred option. In radix-8 architecture, the 3X(= 2X + X) multiple…

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