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Effects of microstrip line fabrication and design on high-speed signal integrity transmission of PCB manufacturing process

Shouxu Wang, Xiaolan Xu, Guoyun Zhou, Yuanming Chen, Wei He, Wenjun Yang, Xinhong Su, Yongshuan Hu

As a common transmission line, the microstrip line plays an important role in high-speed circuits. The purpose of this paper was to investigate the effects of the circuit design…


Mechanism analysis of microvia filling based on multiphysics coupling

Linxian Ji, Shidong Su, Hexian Nie, Shouxu Wang, Wei He, Kehua Ai, Qinghua Li

Copper electrodeposition acts as a crucial step in the manufacture of high-density interconnect board. The stability of plating solution and the uniformity of copper…

Smart home for elder care using wireless sensor

Prathiba Udupa, Siva S. Yellampalli

The purpose of this paper is to explain, in brief, about smart, intelligent system which actively monitors the wellness of the elderly and will also send necessary alarms to the…

Design and analysis of cantilever based piezoelectric vibration energy harvester

Kirubaveni Savarimuthu, Radha Sankararajan, Gulam Nabi Alsath M., Ani Melfa Roji M.

This paper aims to present the design of a cantilever beam with various kinds of geometries for application in energy harvesting devices with a view to enhance the harvested…

Sleep signal controlled footless domino circuit for low leakage current

Amit Kumar Pandey, Tarun Kumar Gupta, Pawan Kumar Verma

This paper aims to propose a new sleep signal controlled footless domino circuit for reducing the subthreshold and gate oxide leakage currents.

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