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Thermal-stress analysis and calculation of single and dual chip set double-sided circuit board based on three-dimensional finite element algorithm

Lan Song, Yang Zhao , Yaoming Zhou , Haifei Xiang

The purpose of this paper is to analyze and figure out the temperature field and thermal stress field with the calculation model of thermal insulation material and composite…

Copper coin-embedded printed circuit board for heat dissipation: manufacture, thermal simulation and reliability

Yuanming Chen, Shouxu Wang, Xuemei He , Wei He, Vadim V. Silberschmidt, Ze Tan

– The purpose of this paper is to form copper coin-embedded printed circuit board (PCB) for high heat dissipation.


Investigation of chip formation and burr control in PCB fixture hole

Lixin Huang

This paper aims to analyze their generation mechanism and factors influencing burr generation. The final goal is to use appropriate drill design and drilling process to control…

Correlation analysis of wettability, intermetallic compound formation and PCB contamination

Frantisek Steiner, Karel Rendl, Vaclav Wirth

The purpose of this paper is to verify how solder joint properties correlate with soldering profile set-up. These characteristics act against each other. All observed properties…

Influence of the cavities on the PCB mechanical properties

Boleslav Psota, Alexandr Otáhal, Ivan Szendiuch

– The main aim of this paper is to investigate the influence of the cavity coverage on the printed circuit boards (PCB) to the resonant frequency, acceleration and displacement.

Printed electrodes for flexible, light-weight solid-state supercapacitors – a feasibility study

Jagdeep S. Sagu, Nicola York, Darren Southee, K.G.U. Wijayantha

The purpose of this paper is to report on the feasibility of the manufacture of printed rechargeable power sources incorporating, in the first instance, electrode structures from…

Mechanical drilling of PCB micro hole and its application in micro ultrasonic powder molding

Xiong Liang, Bing Li, Lianyu Fu, Xiaoyu Wu, Hongyan Shi, Taijiang Peng, Bin Xu

This paper aims to present the main factors affecting the mechanical drilling of the printed circuit board (PCB for short) micro-holes and method of micro-ultrasonic powder…

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