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Non‐Woven Glass Laminates

M.J. Aggleton

Non‐woven glass epoxy laminates are compared with paper phenolic and woven glass epoxy, indicating the advantages and limitations of the newer materials. Certain electrical…

Relationship of Corner Cracking in Multilayer Board Holes to Pyrophosphate Copper Plate

D.E. Sherlin, L.K. Bjelland

In this paper, reproduced by permission of the Institute of Printed Circuits (USA), the authors discuss the problem of corner cracking in multilayer boards in relation to the…

Some Facts and Figures on India's Printed Circuit Industry

V. Mitter

In this issue of the Journal we continue with our series of articles describing the current situation of the printed circuit industry in various countries throughout the world and…

Quality Assessment: 9—Solder Pot Contamination

During solder usage, contamination of one kind or another is normally encountered, with subsequent alteration of solder alloy composition and behaviour.

Round the Circuit

EIPC Conference EIPC has scheduled a 3‐day Conference and Seminars in Horgen/Zurich on November 2,3,4 1977. The title of the Conference (November 3rd) will be “Quality Control…

The Implications of Automated Assembly

R.B. Smith

It is imperative to the successful automation of any product to establish and maintain satisfactory standards of component input.

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