Circuit World: Volume 33 Issue 4


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Mechanical drilling of printed circuit boards: the state‐of‐the‐art

Lianyu Fu, Jianguo Qu, Haibin Chen

To provide a clear picture of the current status of mechanical drilling of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

An optical backplane connection system with pluggable active board interfaces

Richard Pitwon, Ken Hopkins, Dave Milward

To present work and characterisation results from a project to develop a pluggable optical connector for board to board interconnect.

Using both linear and non‐linear dimensional analysis, correction and prediction to improve PCB yields

Andrew Kelley

To present an update and the latest results from work on a project aimed at enabling printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing to reduce the effect upon production yields by…

Development of a comprehensive in‐line quality control system for printed circuit board assemblies

P.I. Nicholson, P. Wallace

To present an overview of the research and development carried out by an EC Framework 6 part funded consortium, known as MICROSCAN, for the implementation of an in‐line PCB…

Processing waste printed circuit boards for material recovery

William J. Hall, Paul T. Williams

The authors aim to investigate the use of pyrolysis for the processing of waste printed circuit boards (PCBs). The aim was to make the process of separating the organic, metallic…

PWB reliability – the next step

Paul Reid

To share the findings of recent investigations of the influences of RoHS requirements on printed wire board (PWB) reliability.

Conformal coatings and their increasing importance for a safe operation of electronic assemblies

Manfred Suppa

The paper aims to describe the various moisture loads affecting conformal coatings. It also seeks to differentiate these from dewing. In the case of dewing, osmotic processes may…

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