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Drilling Multilayer Glass‐PTFE Circuit Boards

John K. Hagge

In this paper, reproduced by permission of the Institute of Printed Circuits (USA), the author discusses some of the problems encountered when drilling holes which must be plated…

Computer‐Generated Cutting Patterns Reduce Shearing Scrap

Jeff Justice

The problem of how to cut small, rectangular panels from larger stock‐sized material with minimum scrap is common in many industries. In 1975, Hewlett‐Packard's Palo Alto printed…

Quality Assessment: 8—Degassing

Degassing is a problem generally associated with PWB's having plated through holes. This problem is generally realised when blowholes and/or voids are observed in the solder…

Products ♦ Processes ♦ Materials ♦ Equipment

Electrovert has introduced a new series of bench model systems that combines compact size, streamlined styling, integrated design, proven Lambda zero‐defect wavesoldering and low…

Round the Circuit

“PC Boards for the '80s” is the theme of the 1977 Annual Symposium sponsored by the California Circuits Association and scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, October 25–26, at the…

Institute News

At the Annual General Meeting, held at Brunei University on 31st May, it was announced by the Chairman, Mr. Reuben Josephs, that the Association of Circuit Technologists has in…

Epoxies in Thick Film Hybrid Circuits

C. Marshall

Conductive and non‐conductive epoxies suitable for thick film circuits have been available since about 1970. They were originally intended for mounting semiconductor chips as an…

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