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The Effect of Drilling Temperature on Multilayer Board Hole Quality

R.E. Weiss

The Quality of holes drilled in multilayer printed circuit boards and the usable life of a drill are a function of the drilling speed and feed rate per revolution. Investigations…

A Review of Software Artwork Preparation and Printed Circuit Board Fabrication, Problems and Trends

M.G. Fassini

The use of computers in the printed circuit industry is discussed in relation to improving productivity and quality of work. Computers can be particularly useful in artwork…

Improved Laser Trimming for Close Tolerance Resistors

R.G. Aggleton

Film Resistors trimmed by laser may be given more gentle surface temperature gradients and better end‐point discrimination by using an improved trimming path and printing…

Quality Assessment: 7—Plating Nodules

Although nodules in the electrodeposited copper in PTH's are sometimes the result of plating bath contamination, the most prevalent cause seems to be associated with poor…

Products ♦ Processes ♦ Materials ♦ Equipment

McMurdo has added a straight tail Printed Circuit Board contact to their range of Dee connectors. Tail lengths are suitable for mounting on 0.062 in (1.5 mm) or on 0.093 in (2.3…

Round the Circuit

The Department of Trade is to investigate an allegation that printed circuit board drills imported from the USA are being dumped on the British market. The application has been…

Quality Engineering—User Experience

D. Smith

From his experience as a Quality Engineer the Author concludes that an average printed circuit board reject rate of 12% is due to inadequate process control from the photographic…

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