Circuit World: Volume 24 Issue 2


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Changes in the PCB world with new packaging technologies and the integration of passive components into the PCB

Dieter G. Weiss

New developments in the semi‐conductor industry lead to higher I/O counts. Packaging is changing to new, smaller packages, like TCPs and CSPs, and the pitch density increases as…


Real‐time control of advanced solderability preservatives

Michael Frederickson

Organic and immersion metallic coatings are being used as a replacement for the hot air solder level (HASL) process. Use of these coatings provides advantages for both the…


A new approach to translational laminographic method for PCB inspection

Jinung An

X‐ray laminography, a tomographic technique that can examine individual planes of focus within a 3‐D structure, promises to be an excellent method of inspecting complicated…

Elemental distribution of parts and materials making up an electronic box

B.D. Dunn

The various electronic component parts and materials that are used in the construction of spacecraft electronic boxes have been chemically analysed. An elemental distribution is…


Are PCB fabricators ready to fabricate MCM‐L technology?

R. Aziz

Since the 1960s, interconnection technology has been dominated by implementations of printed circuit board (PCB) technology. However, in response to the ever increasing demand for…

Dry film photoresists ‐ a never ending success story?

Klaus Maurischat

Reviews the use and development of dry film photoresists and liquid resists. Provides an historical perspective and considers factors affecting investment in the future. Discusses…

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