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New Photographic Material for Printed Circuits

A. Buroff, P. Simidchieva, R. Stoycheva, J. Malinowski

Recently a number of new photographic systems have been investigated with the object of replacing the conventional silver halide emulsions and as such could possibly represent the…

Measurement and Control of Coating Thickness and Porosity in Printed Wiring Manufacture

T.D.T. Latter

Most of the basic requirements for the manufacture of printed wiring are, of course, well known; so much so that literally hundreds of companies or divisions of larger companies…

National and International Committees for Printed Wiring: 5—Panel Z (Printed Circuit Techniques and Materials) of the Radio and Electronic Components Manufacturing Federation

H.R. Shemilt

In this issue of the Journal we conclude our series of articles on National and International Committees for Printed Wiring by examining the work carried out by “Panel Z‐Printed…

Some Facts and Figures on the Swedish Printed Circuit Industry

Of all the enquiries received by Circuit World, perhaps the most commonly encountered requests concern information pertaining to Business Statistics. Do we know how many pcb's are…

The Accounting Function in the Small Business

Geoffrey V. Carol

Industrial production in the UK is now lower than it was during the three day week. The country is suffering from a severe recession with no sign of a business upturn on the way…

Round the Circuit

A rapid and inexpensive technique for fabricating printed circuit boards promises to make General Electric one of the world's largest quantity producers of these key electronic…

Environmental Problems in the Production and Assembly of Printed Circuits

W. MacLeod Ross

Many potentially hazardous materials and processes are employed in the manufacture of printed circuits and printed circuit assemblies. This article draws attention to these and…

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