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An Assessment of Cleaning Options for Soldered Electronic Assemblies (Phase II)

B.P. Richards, P.K. Footner, D.J. Prichard, C. Lea

With the advent of the Montreal Protocol, the removal of flux residues from printed circuit assemblies using solvents based on CFC‐113 is no longer an acceptable option. An…

Experimental and Analytical Studies of Encapsulated Flip Chip Solder Bumps on Surface Laminar Circuit Boards

J. Lau, T. Krulevitch, W. Schar, M. Heydinger, S. Erasmus, J. Gleason

The mechanical and thermal responses of encapsulated flip chip solder bumps on a surface laminar circuit (SLC) board have been determined in this study. The mechanical responses…

An Assessment of the Use of Lead in Electronics Assembly: Part 2

This report, presented as the keynote paper at Surface Mount International, is the culmination of joint efforts to assess the use of lead in electronics assembly. The study, which…

Alternative Solders for Electronics Assemblies: Part 2: UK Progress and Preliminary Trials

J.H. Vincent, B.P. Richards, D.R. Wallis, I.A. Gunter, M. Warwick, H.A.H. Steen, P.G. Harris, M.A. Whitmore, S.R. Billington, A.C. Harman, E. Knight

This is the second of two papers reporting work carried out under a programme sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), involving collaboration between the above…

Corrosion Protection of Copper Using Organic Solderability Preservatives

I. Artaki, U. Ray, H.M. Gordon, R.L. Opila

The emergence of new interconnection technologies involving double‐sided surface mounted components has put stronger restrictions on the method of preserving the solderable finish…

The Cooling Efficiency Concept — A Tool for Fast Thermal Analysis of PCBs

Å. Mälhammar

Thermal analyses of printed circuit boards (PCBs) based on the finite element or finite difference methods are frequently used in the electronics industry, the major reason for…

Equipment Selection for Tape Automated Bonding (TAB)

M.C. Miller

The manufacturing process involving the bonding of ultra‐fine pitch TAB solder joints into printed circuit substrates requires precision equipment. This paper describes the basic…

Inner‐layer Registration Testing System

D. Siddons

Using a patented measuring technique, the perfecTest system has the ability to give a quantified and accurate measurement down to 25 micron (one mil) for any directional X‐axis…

International Institute News

For the second year running CEMA has achieved success with an increased presence at Nepcon West '93 in Anaheim.

Industry News

Despite recent economic gloom, Bolton based Vantage Circuit Products Ltd have achieved continued growth and have recently appointed Bernard Mulhall as Sales Manager responsible…

New Products

Robotic Process Systems (RPS) have introduced the Multiclean 1000 Stencil and Screen Cleaning System, claiming to be the affordable solution for small and medium sized companies…

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