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The Pink Ring Condition in Multilayer PCBs: An industrial collaborative research programme

S. Graham, A. Hanson, M. Hattam, L. Jennison, M. Jordan, G. Klein, I. Lang, C. Lea, C. Moffat, M. Newlands, P. Streets, D. Tilbrook, D. Wallace, M. Wisnosky, I. Wylie

Pink ring is a ubiquitous problem arising during the manufacture of multilayer PCBs, being the manifestation of local delamination at the inner‐layer oxide interfaces around…

Visual Inspection of Surface‐mounted Solder Joints

F. Lilley, C.A. Hobson, M. Koukash

Electronics manufacturing throughout the world now uses an increasing percentage of Surface Mount Technology (SMT). The compact and light‐weight surface‐mounted components offer a…

Fundamentals of Screens for Electronics Screen Printing

A. Hobby

Screen printing is widely used in electronics production and is the characteristic process of thick film manufacture. The correct choice of screen is most important if good…

The Harmfulness of Blowholes in PTH Soldered Assemblies

C. Lea

One family of defects in soldered electronic assemblies that is almost invariably re‐worked is that due to outgassing, manifested as visible blowholes and solder blow‐out. It is…

New Directions in Electrical Testing of PCBs for the 1990s

G. Hroundas

As SMT circuit boards continue to increase in complexity, the PCB manufacturer—in order to stay alive in an increasingly competitive market—will be forced to produce boards of the…

The Regulation of CFCs and Chlorinated Solvents in the 1990s

C. Lea

The worldwide production and the consumption of CFCs are now controlled through the Montreal Protocol. A meeting in London in June 1990 of the signatories of the Protocol will…

Press Cycle for Multilayer Bonding

M. Huschka

The actual press cycle is of utmost importance for the manufacture of multilayer printed circuit boards. It is necessary for both the engineers and the operators to understand its…

Alternatives to CFC‐113 for Cleaning Printed Circuits

B.N. Ellis

That the provisions of the Montreal Protocol (1987) are inadequate is a well‐known fact. The first revision of the Protocol will be approved by the Parties in June 1990, but the…

A Thin Film Solder Mask for Assembling SMT Boards with Tented Via Holes

T.C. Pennock

New technologies bring new challenges to those who have to convert hand‐made prototype printed circuit boards into a robust, reliable, large volume manufacturing technique. The…

Literature Abstracts

LOVASCO.F. and OIEN.M.A., IPC Technical Review, Vol. 31, No. 1, p. 18, December (1989)/January (1990) A new area‐distributed surface‐mount technology has been developed at AT&T…

Profile of the PCB Industry in Scotland

Denise Francis

What it may lack in numbers, Scotland has always made up for in the independence and enterprise of its inhabitants. While Scotland cannot claim much part in the earliest stages of…

Astro Technology Visit to Soltec

Lorna Cullen

On 1st February, undaunted by warnings of imminent gales, a party of almost 90 production managers and engineers embarked on charter flights from Manchester and Southampton to…

Soltec BV, Oosterhout, The Netherlands

Lorna Cullen

The earlier report on the Astro Technology visit to Soltec will have served as an introduction, and hopefully have whetted readers' appetites regarding learning still more about…

Printed Circuit Inventor Receives Award

Chris Garnett

On the only rainy day of a week in early March, a yellow Rolls Royce pulled up outside a substantial house in North London, the home of Dr Paul Eisler, the inventor of the foil…

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