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Towards the binary millennium

Roger L. Tyler

Midnight December 31, 1999, will be quite an occasion. It will start its journey round the world at the International Date Line somewhere out in the Pacific and then travel…

Overview of Tape Automated Bonding Technology

J.H. Lau, S.J. Erasmus, D.W. Rice

A review of state‐of‐the‐art technology pertinent to tape automated bonding (for fine pitch, high I/O, high performance, high yield, high volume and high reliability) is…


Three‐dimensional Moulded Printed Circuits

M. Whelan

The three‐dimensional moulded printed circuit board is no longer just a concept, but a vehicle ready to exploit the challenges of highly integrated and miniaturised electronic…

Interlayer Alignment in Multilayer PCBs

K.J. Lodge, D.J. Pedder

A measurement tool, capable of monitoring misalignment of layers in multilayer printed circuit boards, is described. Its uses, limitations and its advantages for use in SPC and…

Development Scheme of a Novel Polyimide Matrix System for Multilayer Boards

P.R. Lopez, Y.J. Giraud, S.J. Koonce

Following a quick survey of the resin systems commercially available, this paper focuses on the design considerations of high temperature matrices. The report examines in detail…

‘Just in Time’ Cleaning Improves the Yields in Fine Line Circuit Manufacture

S. Hamilton

The purpose of this paper is to identify the major parameters which affect the chances of contamination occurring, and then to evaluate conventional cleaning techniques with…

Avoiding Electrolytic and Strain‐induced Shorting Mechanisms—A Review

T.T. Hitch

The paper describes two well‐known and occasionally confused mechanisms for degradation of electronic circuitry. Intended as a tutorial for individuals working in electronic…

A Unique Way of Placing Via Hole Connections in the SMD Pads Gives Increased Routing Space on Printed Circuit Boards

R. Braun

Via holes in SMD solder pads normally disturb the flow of the solder during soldering. To avoid this, expensive processes whereby the holes are filled with solder cream are used…

Defeating the Ozone Problem: Alternative Cleaning of Surface Mount & PCB Assemblies 2 November 1989, National Physical Laboratory

Lorna Cullen

A highly successful one‐day conference was the outcome of the combined organisational efforts of the IMF PC Group and Dr Colin Lea at the National Physical Laboratory. Admittedly…

Productronica 89: Münich 6–11 November 1989

B.N. Ellis, Lorna Cullen

It is very difficult for me to review the whole show. There is only one word that can describe it—‘ginormous’. It would take a single person at least two to three weeks to really…


Indian Summer conditions prevailed in the pleasant Thames‐side setting as some 100 delegates convened at the Runnymede Hotel, Egham, on 20–21 September for the 1989 PCIF…

International institute news

ABRACI, the Brazilian PCB Association, in conjuction with the Brazilian National Technical Standards Association is launching a National programme for PCB standards, based on the…

Industry news

Trace Instruments have announced that Mr Tony Battaglia has been named central regional sales manager.

New products

Autojig Computer Aided Test software from Candela Automation Systems generates bare board test data from Gerber photoplot files. All the information required to test bare printed…

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