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Multilayer Circuit Boards with Molybdenum‐copper Metal Cores

R. Klemencic, E. Kny, W. Schmidt

The thermal management of printed circuit boards with high component density is increasingly becoming an important factor in the efficiency and reliability of electronic systems…

Determination of Thermal Stress Resistance of Copper Electroplate by Hot Rupture Tests

L. Zakraysek

Multilayer printed wiring boards make use of electrodeposited copper from two sources. Copper for conductor traces comes from foil manufacturers through thin laminate suppliers…

Base Materials with Predetermined Technological Properties for Advanced PCB Production Processes

M.B. Borisov, N.D. Belkin, A.I. Toushinsky, V.M. Evzhenko

The design and technological requirements of base materials for PCB production are considered. The problems of catalytically active base materials development and production are…

Tin‐lead Composition—Its Control and Effect on Solderability

D.A. Luke

Alloys deposited from plating solutions vary in composition with changes in solution constituents and processing parameters. With the increasing demand on miniaturisation and…

High Performance Laminate Systems for High Speed Electronics Applications

J.R. Paulus

This paper reviews some of the technology trends making it necessary to take the performance of laminate materials into account when designing and fabricating high speed PWBs. It…

Wave Soldering Concerns for Surface Mount Assemblies

D.A. Elliott

For over 30 years, wave soldering has been the most popular and most economical method for mass soldering of electronic assemblies. For conventional circuits, this is a mature…

Residue on Printed Wiring Assemblies: An Overview and a Case History

J.B. Dunaway

Residues associated with soldering operations are common throughout the electronics manufacturing industry. Prevention is necessitated by MIL specs which require soldered…

Improved Printed Circuit Reliability by Risk Site Analysis

F.W. Haining, R.F. Shaul, R.W. Keim, R.M. Murcko

The circuit elements of every printed circuit board have the potential for failure during test and/or use. These failures can occur by forming short‐circuits between adjacent…

Interrelating Surface Insulation Resistance Test Patterns

A.S.L. Chan, T.A. Shankoff

For reliable telecommunication systems, Bellcore recommends that Surface Insulation Resistance (SIR) be monitored at key points in printed wiring board and circuit pack…

Vibratory Agitation to Enhance Mass Transfer in Electrodeposition

M.R. Kalantary, S.A. Amadi, D.R. Gabe

A study has been carried out employing a vibratory motor, offering amplitudes of 0·4–4 mm at 50 Hz in acid copper sulphate as a model electrolyte in which α‐Al2O3 particles are…


C. Lea

This article has been withdrawn as it was published elsewhere and accidentally duplicated. The original article can be seen here: 10.1108/eb037680. When citing the article, please…

Depression Approaching from the Atlantic

Roger L. Tyler

One of the aspects of being in the consultancy business is that we have to do forecasting for our living. As somebody once said, ‘forecasting is fine when it comes to talking…

Kam Printronics Circuits—Joint Venture

During Circuit Technology '89 Kam Circuits of Calne in Wiltshire announced the start of a joint venture for the production of printed circuit boards with mainland China's most…

Internepcon UK, 1989

Lorna Cullen

To ‘report’ on this year's Internepcon, 14–16 March, at the NEC, Birmingham, is going to prove more difficult than anticipated. The average journalist would report on such an…


PCIF 1989 annual conference, Dates: 20–21 September 1989

International institute news

Seminar (Italian/English): ‘Trends in Materials and Manufacturing of PCBs’

Industry news

Tibor Darvas Ltd, the UK based, front end CAM specialist for the printed circuit board manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Speller as Product…

New products

Alpha Metals have introduced a revolutionary material to replace CFCs in PCB cleaning which is said to be environmentally safe. The new product, Bioact EC‐7, is a biodegradable…

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