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Accelerated Ageing and Solderability Testing of Printed Wiring Boards

J.R. Wooldridge, J.C. Mather

There is at present much industry activity related to solderability testing. Test methods, test parameters, and accelerated ageing conditions are among the items being studied…

Theoretical Considerations on the Thermal Expansion of Copper‐Invar‐Copper Metalcore Boards for Surface Mounting Technology

K. Ritz

A model for a symmetric three‐layer configuration is developed. This model refers to Cu/Invar/Cu (CIC) laminates. Calculated values for the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE…

Photo‐imageable Screen Printed Soldermasks

J. Kingsland

Over the last few years, the increase in size of printed circuit boards, together with the increase in density of components, has made successful application of soldermask by…

CQM—Consistent Quality Manufacturing of Laminates

J. Carreman

A process for continuous pressing of copper‐clad laminates is described. The consistent quality manufacturing gives higher dimensional stability and better thickness profile of…

The Impact of Metal Cored Multilayer Boards for Surface Mounted Devices

G.C. Wilson

The new generation of SMDs (LCCs) can now be mounted on multilayer printed circuits which offer a thermal expansion similar to that of ceramic. In addition, a thermal management…

Multilayer Rigid‐flex Printed Wiring Design Considerations

E. Nicewarner

Rigid‐flex printed wiring constructed in different multilayer configurations and with varying features is discussed. Materials used in rigid‐flex construction have widely varying…

Three‐dimensional Circuitisation of Plastic Mouldings

B.J. Stevens

This paper briefly discusses various solutions to 3‐D PCBs by giving an overview of available technologies. Specific attention is then directed to the author's company's…

Phototools for Printed Circuit Board Production: Part 1

H. Junginger, W. Werner

Photographic films and glass plates are widely used as phototools for PCB production. In this two‐part paper photographic and physical characteristics of the products are…

Application of Electrochemical Principles to Acid Copper Plating

P.W. Birdsall

Plating productivity is often limited by the deposition rate of the electrolytic copper system. Using electrochemical engineering principles, a high speed copper process has been…

Processing High Performance Multilayer Boards of Fluoropolymer Composite Materials

D.B. Noddin

Methods for producing multilayer boards of highly reinforced fluoropolymer composite systems are detailed. Both similarities and contrasts to conventional fabrication processes…

The Testing of Unpopulated SMD Printed Circuit Boards

M. Prokopp

The advent of SMD components will have an enormous influence on the future design of electronics systems. It is evident already that increasing numbers of present‐day…

Ericsson Telecom Ingelsta Multilayer PCB Facility, Norrköping, Sweden

Lorna Cullen

Not infrequently over the past few years it has been brought to Circuit World's attention that a multilayer production facility well worth a visit is the LM Ericsson plant at…

Printed Circuit World Convention IV June 2–5, 1987 Tokyo, Japan: Part 1

Lorna Cullen

Printed Circuit World Convention IV, which took place at the Tokyo Prince Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, from 2–5 June 1987, will be reported in two parts. Part 1, in this issue, covers an…

Internepcon/Semiconductor Korea 1987

Christine Muir

‘Made in Korea’, ‘mass production’, ‘cheap labour’ and ‘Where exactly is Korea?’ are some of the typical comments made regarding the country often called ‘The Land of the Morning…

ICT News

The Institute of Circuit Technology's Annual Symposium, which took place on 12–13 May 1987, returned this year to Brunel University, Uxbridge, where it had last been held in June…

International institute news

On 18 March the LA/Ventura Chapter featured the subject of ‘Proposition 65 and AB 2185/2187. Keynote speaker was Barry Groveman, former Deputy Attorney, Chief Environmental…

Industry news

Appointments Leitron GmbH In strengthening its Sales Division, Leitron GmbH of Schwäbisch‐Gmünd has appointed Mr Heinz Schunk to be responsible for General Management of Sales and…

New products

Engelhard have introduced a pure palladium electroplating process called ‘Palltronic’. The ‘Palltronic’ process produces deposits that are significantly more ductile than those…

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