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Some Causes of Problems with Existing SMT Solder Creams and Possible Improvements

C.A. MacKay

Many of the common defects observed when using solder creams can be related to the materials, formulation and blending of the product. Despite the fact that they have been used…

Optical Inspection of Printed Circuits: Requirements Placed on AOI in the Manufacturing Process

A. Angstenberger

Both the need for the introduction of automated optical inspection (AOI) systems in the PCB manufacturing process and the requirements, technically and on economic grounds, placed…

Blowholing in PTH Solder Fillets: Part 8 The Scientific Framework Leading to Recommendations for Its Elimination

C. Lea, F.H. Howie, M.P. Seah

The amount of gas blowing into the molten solder in plated‐through‐holes during wave soldering is dependent upon the moisture content of the board and the strength of the copper…

Optimising the Drilling and Etch‐back Parameters in Flexible Multilayer Manufacture

R. Menzel

For the drilling of polyimide multilayers with acrylic adhesives, more care must be taken than for epoxy glass material. Due to the different mechanical properties in the…

Surface Mount Technology in Japan—From Consumer Electronics to Supercomputer

H. Nakahara

First, a short history of surface mount technology is given, followed by a section describing the current status of surface mount components and the impact of these on printed…

Advances in MLB Technology

C.A. Deckert

During the past several years, technical requirements of the printed circuit board industry have increased greatly, due to the need for greater processing latitude, higher density…

Packages for High‐density Surface‐mount Applications

G.F. Love

This paper addresses the various types of surface mounted packages used today for high‐density packaging of Very Large Scale Integrated devices. The paper discusses the pros and…

Effect of Process Parameters on the Insulation Resistance of Conformal Coating for PCBs

A. Calahorra, S. Sali, L. Drori, S. Kenig

The insulation resistance of polyurethane and poly (para dichloroxylelene) conformal coating was characterised following exposure to hygrothermal environment. Three types of test…

Flexible Interconnections—Materials and Design

T.H. Shepler

Flexible circuitry and flexible interconnects are high technology products that require a good understanding of flexible laminates and their properties to ensure the proper design…

The Impact of Moulded Thermoplastic PWBs: An Emerging Technology

R. Germany

The printed circuit industry is on the verge of witnessing a change in structure, brought about by the advent of Moulded Thermoplastic PCBs and accompanying electroless plating…

Surface Mount Assembly Problems Elimination of PC Solder Resist

P.G.B. Hamilton

The successful formation of solder joints to attach surface mount devices to multilayer printed circuit boards requires the electroplated, reflowed tin‐lead surface of the…

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