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The Rôle of the Stencil in High Definition Screen Printing

S.A. Partridge

This paper is intended to be of interest to those involved in electronic applications of the screen printing process, including PCBs, membrane switches, thick film printing and…

Wave Soldering: The Efficiency of Debridging with a Hot‐air Knife

M.M.F. Verguld

This paper describes the results of experiments to remove short circuits after wave soldering Surface Mounted Devices (SMDs), using an air‐knife debridging system. The air knife…

Selecting the Accept/Reject Criteria for an Automated Solder Process Inspection Machine

G.L. Schoenbaum, E. Socha

The selection of the accept/reject criteria for any automated inspection machine depends first on what is deemed an acceptable quality level for the particular…

DENSTRATE® Technology

W. Schmidt

With SMD‐Technology, the first purpose of plated‐through holes—to fix the components to the board—is no longer relevant. The utilisation of blind vias, preferably in combination…

The Necessity for Machine Intelligence in Automatic Optical Inspection

M. Icough

Despite the influx of companies and systems offering automatic inspection for the PCB industry, its acceptance rate in Europe has been slow. The problem seems to be lack of…

Quality Control of Surfaces for High‐reliability Electronics

B.N. Ellis

This paper discusses the requirements of quality assurance of electronics assemblies with respect to the surface conditions, and more particularly the problems introduced by…

SMA Technology—Current Practices and Criteria for Testability

P. Nicholas

Automatic in‐circuit testing is a cost effective facility for not only testing assembled printed circuit boards but for providing component level diagnostics very quickly with an…

Thermal Monitoring of Drill Bits During Laminate Drilling

A.C. Traub, J. Evans

Infra‐red thermal monitoring of drill bit temperatures is just coming into use for laminate drilling. Although not yet in production use, the method has been evaluated, with…

Blowholing in PTH Solder Fillets: Part 7 Optimising the Soldering

F.H. Howie, D. Tilbrook, C. Lea

For a given batch of printed circuit boards of a particular quality and with a particular level of moisture absorption, the parameters of a wave soldering machine may be tuned to…

Pressing Flex and Rigid‐flex in a Vacuum Press

P.E. Hinton

The vacuum press when used for lamination of flex and rigid‐flex printed wiring boards produces boards which exhibit better dimensional stability and better fill characteristics…

On Course for a Better 1987

The late Summer and Autumn of 1986 saw a slow but steady climb for the printed circuit industry as it moved away from the trough of 1985 into better times. With the Summer…

RUWEL‐Werke GmbH, Geldern, W. Germany

Milestones in the history or progress of any industry are always of interest but an additional bonus is the opportunity to meet some of those pioneers responsible for creating…

SMD Workshop, Philips, Eindhoven

Intensive, informative, interesting and also highly enjoyable—such were the adjectives that immediately sprang to mind during the short homeward flight from Eindhoven's modern…

Official Opening of Dynachem's New Production Facility

In 1960, two young chemists founded Dynachem Corporation, a polymer resins manufacturing firm in Southern California. In the early stages of operation, the technical staff of a…

PRONIC'86 Gains International Support

Le Beaujolais‐Villages Nouveau est arrivé! Sweet music to the ear even of the uninitiated dégustateur or connoisseur of French wines … and how apt that once again PRONIC should be…

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