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Prepreg Testing—Quick, Informative, Reliable A Critical View

W. Schiffer

This paper is a critical comparison of the currently used methods to test prepregs which do not describe to a sufficient extent the flow behaviour of a prepreg resin during the…

Advanced Solder Masks

M.R. Sculpher

Conventional screen printed two pack solder resists have served the industry well for many years, and will continue in their present form into the foreseeable future. However…

The Offset Printing Method of Inner Layers—One of the Improved Methods for PCB Manufacturing Technology

A. Toushinsky, V. Evjenko

The paper describes an offset printing method for the production of inner layers based on an automatic laser engraving machine. The operation of the machine is outlined;…

Predicting Reliability of LSI Printed Circuit Carriers

J.J. Tomaine

The arrival of Large Scale Integration (LSI) devices forced the development of products which could reliably package these high density chip carriers. Until LSI, printed circuit…

The Reliability of Surface Mounted Solder Joints Under PWB Cyclic Mechanical Stresses

C.J. Brierley, J.P. McCarthy

The advent of Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) has led to concern about the long term reliability of solder joints during environmental thermal cycling, power cycling and PWB…

Use of Thermoplastics and Injection Moulded PWBs

D. Frisch, E. Cleveland

Moulded substrates offer a wide spectrum of performance at economical prices, featuring enhanced electrical, physical and environmental properties. By expanding interconnection…

Wave Soldering of Surface Mount Components

W.K. Boey, R.J. Walker

In facing the upcoming surge of ‘surface mount technology’, many manufacturers of printed circuit boards have taken steps to convert some portions of their boards to this new…

Surface Mount Technology for High Reliability Telecoms Applications

K. Taylor

The technology of printed circuit boards suitable for surface mount assembly is discussed with reference to solder mount tolerances and board finishing. Some design features which…

Flexible Circuit Materials for Use as Interconnections in High Speed Digital Systems

S. Gazit

The increasing use of high switching speed systems in both microwave electronics and high speed logic devices has created the need for printed circuit boards which are based on…

Screenprinting in the Printed Circuit Board Industry

C.I. Wall

Screenprinting has formed an integral part of the manufacturing process for PCBs since the first boards were produced. This paper describes the types of product used, the areas of…

G. Bopp & Co. AG, Wolfhalden and Zrich, Switzerland

To drive along winding roads from the south‐east shores of Lake Constance not far from where the mighty Rhine enters the lake, passing small rural settlements and isolated chalets…

New England Laminates (UK) Ltd, Skelmersdale, Lancashire Nelco SA, Mirebeau sur Bèze, near Dijon

Those Circuit World readers aware of the writer's appreciation of the varied delights of regional cuisine may be forgiven for assuming that the above choice of venues was…

Melchert Elektronik, Cologne (Lövenich), W. Germany

Cologne, ranking as the largest city in the Rhineland and the fourth largest in Germany, derived its name from the Latin name Colonia—colony. After marching into southeast France…

Internepcon Production Show & Conference 8–10 April 1986 National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham

When the new Internepcon Production Show and Conference opens its doors on 8th April 1986, at the NEC Birmingham, it will be the UK's first event to concentrate its product…

Circuit Technology '86 Joins ‘The Week’ 29 April—1 May 1986 The Grand Hall, Olympia, London

Circuit Technology, now in its fourth year, is still an event concentrating exclusively on PCB technology, production equipment and processes. Nevertheless, the organisers believe…

ICT News

This Institute announces a joint Printed Circuit Symposium to be held in conjunction with the European Institute of Printed Circuits, known as the ‘European Printed Circuit…

Industry news

LeaRonal (UK) plc of Buxton, Derbyshire, have announced management changes within their organisation.

New products

A new process Circuposit MLB 200 which effectively eliminates the need for conventional desmears has been developed by a technical team headed by Dr Cheryl Deckert, of Shipley…

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