Circuit World: Volume 1 Issue 2


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Photosensitive Resist Printing

H.R. Shemilt

In this series of articles on printed circuit troubleshooting, the author in this issue of the journal focuses his attention on photoresists. The problems that most commonly occur…

Thickness Measurement of Gold Deposits

F.H. Reid

In both decorative and industrial applications of gold plating, but even more critically in the latter, accurate measurement of coating thickness is of vital importance to both…

National and International Committees for Printed Wiring: 2—The Printed Wiring and Associated Techniques Committee of the Electronic Engineering Association

In this issue of the Journal we continue with our series on National and International Committees for Printed Wiring by examining the work carried out by the Printed Wiring and…

Products ♦ Processes ♦ Materials ♦ Equipment

A new gold electroplating process introduced by Imasa/Silvercrown has been developed specifically for the bonding of silicon chips to leadframes in the manufacture of integrated…

Round the Circuit

Solder is a major use for tin and in his function as Chief Metallurgist of the Tin Research Institute, C. J. Thwaites has become internationally recognised as an authority on soft…

Calculation of the Copper Dissolved by P.C. Etchants

A. Freeman

A formula is derived for the calculation of the amount of copper dissolved by a litre of new etchant for machines in which losses are made up by periodic additions of water. The…

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